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We currently carry four major species of bats. Maple, Birch, Ash and Bamboo


Maple is a very dense wood which tends to make it one of the most perferred woods used. The denser the wood, the more durable the bat.  This durability leads to more pop. Maple is a diffuse-pore wood meaning it has close grain. This ensures the wood will hold together under high intensity impact. Maple doesn't flake or splinter and over time the grain compacts which makes the bat harder in the area of impact.  

Birch is a softer wood and leads to more flexibility. Flexibility allows for more bat speed.The wood softness makes it more forgiving than maple. Birch is a curly grain wood which allows it to be more durable when making continued contact in the same area of the bat. Birch wood will not flake like an ash bat. 

Ash wood was the pioneer for baseball bats. Ash wood, like Birch is more flexible than Maple. This allows hitters to whip the bat through the strike zone creating more bat speed. Because of the flexibility of the Ash, the bat is more forgiving when a player hits close to the handle or off the end of the bat.

A player needs to test, swing, and figure out what wood works best for their particular style.


We currently offer multiple sizes depending on the model.

Pro ink dot - 31"-35"

Standard adult - 31"- 34"

Bamboo - 30"- 34"


We have two bat series to choose from.

Pro ink dot - We have very high standards when it comes to our wood billet selection. There is a 5 point billet inspection conducted on each billet prior to use.  If the billet passes inspection these are used for our finest Pro series ink dot models. In addition we're able to offer multiple options for size and weights including 31"-35" with half sizes and 0 through -3 with half weights as well.  

Standard bats - Its hard to call these standard as these billets are still of super high quality.  These are billets that may have missed one of our rigorous inspection points but still carry a higher quality then most.  These bats are generally great for high school and adult leagues.  These are not blem bats and do not have any issues with the wood i.e.; knots, dark woods or grain.  

Bat series 

Cupping vs non cupping

Cupping the end of bats didn't become popular untill the late 80's early 90's.  Cupping the end of the bat allows for a more balanced weight throughout the bat and allows us to use a higher density billet.  Some believe that cupping the end of the bats will make the bat weaker.  This is not true because again, it allows us to use a higher density wood which in turn makes for a harder bat. Cupping is a player preference and option when purchasing your bat.


We offer free personalized engraving on all bats up to 20 characters. Each bat will come with three standard lines.  Line 1 contains the model number, line 2 is your customized engraving and line 3 is the wood species, size and weight. If you opt out of personalized engraving "Sparta Wood Bat Co." will be used on line 2 .



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